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My journey first started when I was about seven years old. I started to see and hear things that my family couldn't and started to have weirdly vivid and accurate dreams of future events. After one particular event happened, I started to shut out that side of me. It took some time but I finally got it to go away. I was scared of the repercussions of the faith I grew up in for partaking in these activities, even though I didn't understand what they meant or where they came from to begin with.

Fast forward to middle school, where I was already awkward and my weirdness was budding, when the dreams and spirits came back. I kept trying to suppress it again but as I did, they pushed back harder until I could no longer deny them. "Fine," I thought, "I'll just acknowledge it and try not to let it get worse." And they eased up a little. I recognized them and asked them to move on once they gave me their message. I started to wonder what other forms of spirituality said about these things. This was where I initially discovered occultist writings, Wicca and witchcraft. It was fascinating and I dove headfirst into reading everything I could on the internet about it all. But I was still scared because of what the preachers I grew up hearing would say about it. It still weighed heavy on me and had a hold on my moral compass and made me feel guilty for what I was so obsessed with reading. I finally decided I needed a divine intervention and sat down with multiple pastors and asked them why I was seeing and hearing these things and having these dreams. I was told I was spiritually weak and needed to pray more. After years of hearing that and nothing changing, I had an epiphany: maybe they were the ones who were wrong. Once I left the church and moved out on my own, I was able to connect with the spiritual side of me I tried so hard to suppress. I was finally able to explore those other spiritual teachings I was obsessed with in middle school. That was about four years ago. It took me another year and a half to perform my first spell on Samhain 2018 and I've been a practitioner every since.

I started the show in November of 2019 to try to find others out there like me. Times are changing, but many witches are nervous to talk about their practices and beliefs. I'm also a major foodie. I love food and I blame being Italian and Southern. Food is a huge part of my life and I wanted to treat others to some good food and show them it's not too hard to make good food for themselves. I wanted to make a space where everyone could ask questions, and find friends and recipes in which they can incorporate some kitchen magick. 

I hope you all enjoy the show and your time here. Here I'll be posting transcripts of the show episodes (slowly but surely because it takes a while, y'all), as well as all the recipes and further information on the topic that wasn't included in the show. You can also find all of the podcast episodes here!

Brittany Howe


I'm an amateur eclectic pagan witch trying to help others learn about the craft from my experiences. I also like to feed people, so get ready to eat! Italian and Southern United States is a very gluttonous combination. Mangia, y'all.